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"Craniosacral gives me a lot of relief from my aches & pains from FIBROMYALGIA. I am very grateful for Treva and her gift for healing!!" -Pat

"Being a Doctor of Osteopathy for almost 25 years, I have been trained in multiple manipulation techniques including Craniosacral. Craniosacral is probably the most interesting & intriguing technique. It requires a light touch, patience and focused attention on the body's natural rhythm that allows your own body to heal itself. To me, it's "the most holistic" technique. I have personally benefited from this technique. I have suffered from chronic back, neck & hip pain for years due to an injury at a young age as well as my profession. I have been going to Treva for about 2 years in an effort to find relief. She has performed Craniosacral to deep tissue massage therapy about every other week. I have found the Craniosacral technique to be extremely soothing and relaxing & I believe it has truly been the most therapeutic in relieving my chronic pain, than anything else I have tried."-
Neysa Bartlett, D.O.
Certified OB/Gyn and Obesity Medicine Physician

"A year ago I knew nothing about craniosacral therapy. I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. Since starting therapy I have found I feel refreshed, more relaxed, less stressed, and improved balance. I am very happy with the outcome of this therapy. The most important thing is it makes me slow down so my body responds to my own healing ability!." .- Deb

"The massage and bodywork that Treva does is amazing! I have been on her table many times and have always left experiencing a sense of deep relaxation and inner healing.  Her intuitive nature and compassion for others is immediately present from the intake all the way through to her follow up and plan for aftercare.  She is well-versed in many modalities and I cannot wait to get back on her table again soon!" -Angela, LMT

"At my very first session I was greeted very professionally and felt welcomed.  She made sure to understand my health history and made sure she understood what I expected to gain from the therapy.  The environment was very relaxing.  I always felt like she was there to listen and helped with any pain I might have been experiencing.  The massages felt amazing and my privacy was always maintained.  I left each session feeling calm and relaxed".  -Kamie, mom of 5

"Treva is clearly passionate about helping people through massage therapy and you'll see this when you receive services from Innate Healing.  For her, this goes way beyond business!  I have benefited greatly from her deep tissue massages in dealing with muscle strains and the normal aches and pains that come from intense training.  While my personal favorite is deep tissue, I have also received myofascial release and craniosacral therapy techniques.  She knows her craft and can utilize many different techniques to reach a wide variety of people.  Consider Innate Healing; I will be surprised if it doesn't exceed your expectations!"

-Evan, Strength & Conditioning Coach

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